About Us

Security Guru - Security Awareness Wizard

The worldwide information and cyber security solutions market has evolves times over during the decade, essentially due to the evolution of the socio-technical aspects, threats and as well as risks, both from within an organizational needs and from without the Internet.

Cybersecurity.mk specializes in the field of information and cyber security as part of national security, cyber attacks, international security, cyber risk, cyber insurance, critical infrastructure security, information warfare, risk assessment, identity/risk management, awareness of cyber security, strategy framework and socio-technical aspects. Additionally, we provide outsourcing solutions for security intelligence analysis around the globe.

Due to the ever-changing threat vector in the field of security solutions, Cybersecurity.mk constantly checks for updates for remain solutions and continuous research. Also constantly search for new resolutions to update our offerings, services and partnership. Our main goal in fact is to provide a full, qualitative, training-awareness and relevant solution to all threats, as well risks that our clients are facing. Meanwhile, we offer cyber security and deep/darkweb outsourcing solution for well-known brands - worldwide.

Moreover, Cybersecurity.mk it is self-esteem in its human assets. The company has team members of professional technologically and academically researchers with advancing experience of several decades in the field of communications, information and cyber security. Team certificates: