Nowadays the most important protection element in IT security is to reduce business risk to accepted levels and the protection of entire information and information systems essential to the organization. Therefore, offers a consulting and outsourcing solutions to other professionals in the field of information and cyber security as part of national security, cyber attacks, cyber conflicts, international security, cyber terrorism, critical infrastructure security, information warfare, risk assessment, identity/risk management, awareness of cyber security, strategy framework and socio-technical aspects. Also, we offer penetration testing, legal aspects, law and policy consultancy.

Furthermore, aims at assuring critical IT services for Critical Infrastructure (CI) and Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) on accepted levels, in addition to the protection of critical information / information systems of national CI (i.e. protection of national CII). Where the security objective determiner in information security is to an organization’s business process, while in cyber security it is considered the national state. Where we take into consideration that on one hand, handling cyber security problems is considered to be both a nationally and internationally coordinated activity to protect national CII. Whereas on the other hand, handling information security is mainly an institutional level activity, utilized only for specific institutions / situations nationally and legislatively managed by the state. In information security our company is taking into account the objectives: confidentiality, availability and integrity, where in cyber security the additional objectives that we are emphasising are non-repudiation, authentication, information systems importance and criticality from the standpoint of state CII/CI.

Together in collaboration with our partners we can offer you a high skills team of professional technological and academical research experts with cumulative experience of several decades in the field of communications, legal aspects, information and cyber security.

Nevertheless, below is the list of our consulting service within details:

  • Risk Management
    • IT Risk and Frameworks and Processes
    • Security Risk Assessments
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Design, Implementation and Testing
    • Regulation, Governance, Compliance and Privacy
    • Risk Management and Handling of Classification and Data Protection
    • Business Analysis on IT systems
  • Infrastructure Security
    • Security Implementation
    • Secure Network Architecure and Design
    • Wireless Security
    • Secure Storage Solutions
    • VoIP Security
    • Authorization and Access Control
    • Monitoring and Logging
    • Cloud Security
    • Digital Signature Implementation
  • Web Security
    • Host Server Security
    • Web Server Security (Apache, IIS)
    • Security Checking Source Codes
    • Assessment Permission, etc.
    • MySQL Database Security Check
  • Application Security
    • Reverse Engineering of protocols, smart cards and applications
    • Mobile Application Security Checking
    • Security Testing for Application
    • Compliance to Security Standards and Regulations
    • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing / Pentest
    • Black-box Testing
    • Gray-box/White-box Testing
    • Report
  • Compliance
    • Design, Implementation and Compliance of Data Protection Law
    • Compliance of ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS and OWASP
    • Business Analysis
    • Business Functional Analysis